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Hey friends. Hope you are well and safe. I think one of the most difficult things to do is forgive. It is easier to get angry or offended than it is to forgive. Carrying a spirit of offence not only robs us of our joy, it puts a heavy burden that we were not intended to carry thereby breaking relationships, blocking blessings and isolating us into this negative toxic space. Forgiving is definitely not easy but, by doing so, we release all the negativity, thereby freeing us from emotional and psychological bondage. Unforgiveness allows one to put the blame on someone else,  gives an excuse for not moving on and helps one marinate in bitterness. This can only lead to vices like hatred. Jesus modelled a life that was full of love and one of the biggest expressions of love is forgiveness.  Like patience, forgiveness requires lots of practice. It takes a lot of humility to forgive. Yes, someone could have committed an offense but one can choose to be the bigger person and let go of the offense or if they were the ‘offenders’ ask for forgiveness. The act of INTENTIONALLY letting go frees one from a lot of negative emotions. If God can extend grace when we mess up, we can surely extend the same grace to another.

Don’t let unforgiveness block your blessings. Forgive yourself, forgive others just as Christ forgives.


Be blessed.




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