Hey friends. Hope you are well and keeping safe. Sometimes, its easy to look at things in the natural and get swayed into that mentality….. Currently, fear is running rampant and the situation everywhere is tense in the face of the pandemic. Fear is an emotion that is real and it is very easy to let it guide our decisions. The situation is quite scary. We have to look at things through eyes of faith knowing that God is bigger than the current situation and that He has the victory. Replacing fear with faith is difficult and it is something that you need to remind yourself daily. It doesn’t help that most of the information you receive daily whether consciously ot subconsciously is laden with fear. It therefore becomes a deliberate choice to live by faith…. That God is in control of your journey. It is difficult to pursue faith yet you have not seen the tangible results, yet fear is tangible and its effects spread by and large. Faith is not easy to practice …. In fact, most of the times, faith contradicts the natural and you are left in a situation where you need to put your all into something that you can’t see or feel and have not reaped its benefits.


Be intentional day by day …. Walk in faith and not fear.

Be blessed



Change is a part of life. Unfortunately, failure to adapt to change can put one on the wrong side of history. The key to change is to accept that things have turned out in a different way and what used to be considered ‘normal’ no longer is. Therefore, one has to adapt to the new ‘normal’.

Change is uncomfortable and often, associated with fear. Fear of the unknown…. Walking through uncharted territories. However scary it is, faith that all is well still abounds.

The biggest thing about change is our perspective on it. If we choose to look to God even during difficult periods, we have this peace and comfort that all will be well, and we deliberately choose faith instead of fear.

Guys, turn to God. Look upon Him knowing that He is in control of this journey called life. Cast all your fears and anxieties knowing that He is in control. Fear and anxiety will never lead to anything good. Know that God loves you. You just do what you can in your own strength, that is humanly possible, and trust Him with the rest.

Even in this period of uncertainity, trust God and do what you can to adjust to the situation.

God bless.



God is love. He loved us so much that He sent His only son to die for us that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (Read John 3:16). God loves man soooooooooooo much. He never gives up on anyone. He is always ready to accept you as you are no matter your past mistakes. You can go to Him unashamed, knowing that if you accept his wonderful gift of salvation, you are forgiven of all unrighteousness.

As human beings, no one is perfect. We are all prone to falling down but it is God’s love expressed through his grace in forgiveness that makes us clean. Just as He shows us love through forgiveness, we should extend the same to others.

Unconditional love has no fear, in fact it casts out fear. Fear is not of God. Unconditional love makes you feel secure which is what God’s love does. He says, come as you are… He accepts you as you are…The beautiful, good, bad and ugly parts of someone…. He accepts everything in an individual….. So there’s nothing you hide from Him. He even knows the number of hairs on your headūüôā…. Wow….


Sin separates us from His love thereby robbing us of the closeness, protection and security of God the Father. It makes us hide from Him out of fear. Remember how Adam and Eve sinned and hid from God because they knew they did wrong? They knew they were naked and were ashamed. Yes, they did reap the consequences of their actions…. But, the grace of God, through Jesus’ expression of love for mankind, gave man the free will to choose salvation thereby have a chance of not being condemed to a life of eternal separation from the Love of the Father.

Choose His love. Live His expression of love everyday. Don’t take His love for granted. Stay away from everything that is unholy. Strive for holiness and living a life that pleases Him.

Remember, time is short and we are drawing nearer to Christ’s return. Your walk of God’s love can draw people to Him.

Be blessed and stay safe.



Hey friends. Hope you are well and safe. I think one of the most difficult things to do is forgive. It is easier to get angry or offended than it is to forgive. Carrying a spirit of offence not only robs us of our joy, it puts a heavy burden that we were not intended to carry thereby breaking relationships, blocking blessings and isolating us into this negative toxic space. Forgiving is definitely not easy but, by doing so, we release all the negativity, thereby freeing us from emotional and psychological bondage. Unforgiveness allows one to put the blame on someone else,¬† gives an excuse for not moving on and helps one marinate in bitterness. This can only lead to vices like hatred. Jesus modelled a life that was full of love and one of the biggest expressions of love is forgiveness.¬† Like patience, forgiveness requires lots of practice. It takes a lot of humility to forgive. Yes, someone could have committed an offense but one can choose to be the bigger person and let go of the offense or if they were the ‘offenders’ ask for forgiveness. The act of INTENTIONALLY letting go frees one from a lot of negative emotions. If God can extend grace when we mess up, we can surely extend the same grace to another.

Don’t let unforgiveness block your blessings. Forgive yourself, forgive others just as Christ forgives.


Be blessed.




Hi all. I know its been long since I posted content but hey, here’s another blog post. One of the things we have control over is who we deliberately choose to spend time with. The people we choose to associate with can influence the direction of our lives, our perceptions of different situations and our beliefs. We can learn a lot about ourselves through others experiences, whether good or bad. Sometimes, other’s experiences can be a mirror to our own character based on our reaction.¬† In this way, it can help build our character.

Choose to spend time with people who can build you. People who you can learn good things from.

Best regards,




Is there such a thing as organized clutter? Or better yet an organized mess? Could there be some sort of organization in disorganization? Or could it be a fallacy or perhaps a state of denial and eventual adaptation to the current dysfunctional state? We all have clutter in our lives whether in physical or emotional states. The reality is that the clutter will not go away until one is INTENTIONAL in dealing with it. We make excuses in avoiding the reality by ignoring the real issues thereby accepting to coexist in the present state of dysfunction. This state becomes the norm thus making one lounge in complacency while living in a suboptimal state. Eventually, degeneration of potential occurs at an accelerated rate and starts spilling over to other aspects of life.

It takes much more energy to organize or reorganize than it is to scatter. The natural tendency is to scatter. Look around and see… How easy is it to break a glass compared to making one? How easy is it to break an egg as opposed to a chicken making an egg? How easy is it to get people to come for a gathering or function as opposed to each person doing their own thing? It takes effort and planning which can also be a source of gainful income too if the talent is utilized….

The only way to deal with clutter is to clean it up . Back to square one, is there such a thing as organized clutter?¬† Hey, you tell me…. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Stay inspired,




One of the most important resources that we have is time. Once gone, its gone forever. A process of ‘recapturing’ implies a realization of a lost opportunity and the resolve to reclaim. This resolve is often motivated by the desire to succeed despite the detours taken in life.

The process of recapturing takes a lot of courage in admittance of a past mistake or problem; humility in acknowledging deficiencies and the change in personal perspectives.

As we start the year 2020, are there any moments you would like to recapture?


Be inspired,






One of the most important things in life that we have is time. The dimension of life you live in, the season of life we live in are all defined by time.

We all have 24 hours in a day. But, what makes us different? What makes the outcome of our lives different? These are some thought provoking questions I think.

Could it be that the difference lies in both the value for time and the value of time? Oh! just wait a second are these two the same things or are they different?

The value of time is your perception of the value you put on time. It is placing the importance in the seconds, minutes or hours in your day and recognizing that once time has passed an opportunity for doing something important to you has also passed. Keeping this in mind, you become more intentional in engaging in activities that are progressive, that build you or impact positively on not only your life but somebody else’s life. The value of time is placed by you. It is a personal decision that makes the difference in achieving¬† your goals or the quality of life that you want.

The value for time is not only determined by you but also others.¬† Once you have got value of time you can get value for time. What makes the difference in payment? You can work in the same place but differences in payment are there? I could be wrong, but it probably has to do in some instances in the ability of someone to have the value of time…..Using their time wisely, investing intentionally and developing themselves in terms of skills and knowledge in their area of interest. With this growth, others see the value of time well spent in terms of the valuable skills they have and possibly attach value to it which could account for the differences seen in terms of reward whether it is through promotions or salary increments. Eventually, with growth, you can determine the value for your time in terms of being able to choose the best opportunities that add the most value and rewards to you. But, it all starts with value of time….

The perception of time is important and makes all the difference.

Is it possible that time is an  intangible, yet definite dimension that forms an important reference point?

Hey, just think about it. What are your thoughts on this subject?



Kiria .


Happy new year everyone. Hope 2019 is going well.

There’s something¬† interesting i just thought about and would like to share. Each of us are unique in terms of personality and abilities we are gifted in. We are equipped with gifts and talents¬† that help us fulfil¬† a God-given purpose . Yet, there is this temptation to compare yourself with people in completely different seasons of life. Does it make sense to compare¬† someone who is running a marathon to someone who is running a 100 metre sprint? Absolutely¬† not. There¬† are two completely¬† different races with two completely¬† different¬† abilities¬† and¬† requirements. Yet, sometimes¬† when you¬† fall into the temptation of looking at where you are vis -a – vis where othere are, you tend to feel down yet you ignore your accomplishments thus far or dismiss the improvement you have¬† made. In short, run your race. Get intentional on improving your abilities , what you are good¬† at. Focus on the things you want to do, in the career¬† you want and in the area of life you¬† are¬† interested¬† in . Focus on ensuring you have improved. If you are better than where you were before, then, that is progress and that is where the focus should be.

Be blessed.

Kiria .


The second post of the intentional series is the ability to prioritize. Setting your priorities in order of importance and urgency helps in organization and decluttering of issues that are not important and would cause stress, strain or act as a distraction from other more important things. The ability to prioritize on the essentials or simply stated the ‘have to’s’ makes one identify the issues we can focus our energy on in order to achieve progress. This ensures thst you are deliberste in your efforts in order to achieve your goals.

Clarifying your essentials makes life a lot easier and makes life simpler in terms of outlook.

Have a fantastic week.

Blessings too.