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Change is a part of life. Unfortunately, failure to adapt to change can put one on the wrong side of history. The key to change is to accept that things have turned out in a different way and what used to be considered ‘normal’ no longer is. Therefore, one has to adapt to the new ‘normal’.

Change is uncomfortable and often, associated with fear. Fear of the unknown…. Walking through uncharted territories. However scary it is, faith that all is well still abounds.

The biggest thing about change is our perspective on it. If we choose to look to God even during difficult periods, we have this peace and comfort that all will be well, and we deliberately choose faith instead of fear.

Guys, turn to God. Look upon Him knowing that He is in control of this journey called life. Cast all your fears and anxieties knowing that He is in control. Fear and anxiety will never lead to anything good. Know that God loves you. You just do what you can in your own strength, that is humanly possible, and trust Him with the rest.

Even in this period of uncertainity, trust God and do what you can to adjust to the situation.

God bless.



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