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Hey friends. Hope you are well and keeping safe. Sometimes, its easy to look at things in the natural and get swayed into that mentality….. Currently, fear is running rampant and the situation everywhere is tense in the face of the pandemic. Fear is an emotion that is real and it is very easy to let it guide our decisions. The situation is quite scary. We have to look at things through eyes of faith knowing that God is bigger than the current situation and that He has the victory. Replacing fear with faith is difficult and it is something that you need to remind yourself daily. It doesn’t help that most of the information you receive daily whether consciously ot subconsciously is laden with fear. It therefore becomes a deliberate choice to live by faith…. That God is in control of your journey. It is difficult to pursue faith yet you have not seen the tangible results, yet fear is tangible and its effects spread by and large. Faith is not easy to practice …. In fact, most of the times, faith contradicts the natural and you are left in a situation where you need to put your all into something that you can’t see or feel and have not reaped its benefits.


Be intentional day by day …. Walk in faith and not fear.

Be blessed



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