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God is love. He loved us so much that He sent His only son to die for us that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (Read John 3:16). God loves man soooooooooooo much. He never gives up on anyone. He is always ready to accept you as you are no matter your past mistakes. You can go to Him unashamed, knowing that if you accept his wonderful gift of salvation, you are forgiven of all unrighteousness.

As human beings, no one is perfect. We are all prone to falling down but it is God’s love expressed through his grace in forgiveness that makes us clean. Just as He shows us love through forgiveness, we should extend the same to others.

Unconditional love has no fear, in fact it casts out fear. Fear is not of God. Unconditional love makes you feel secure which is what God’s love does. He says, come as you are… He accepts you as you are…The beautiful, good, bad and ugly parts of someone…. He accepts everything in an individual….. So there’s nothing you hide from Him. He even knows the number of hairs on your head🙂…. Wow….


Sin separates us from His love thereby robbing us of the closeness, protection and security of God the Father. It makes us hide from Him out of fear. Remember how Adam and Eve sinned and hid from God because they knew they did wrong? They knew they were naked and were ashamed. Yes, they did reap the consequences of their actions…. But, the grace of God, through Jesus’ expression of love for mankind, gave man the free will to choose salvation thereby have a chance of not being condemed to a life of eternal separation from the Love of the Father.

Choose His love. Live His expression of love everyday. Don’t take His love for granted. Stay away from everything that is unholy. Strive for holiness and living a life that pleases Him.

Remember, time is short and we are drawing nearer to Christ’s return. Your walk of God’s love can draw people to Him.

Be blessed and stay safe.



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