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Happy new year everyone. Hope 2019 is going well.

There’s something  interesting i just thought about and would like to share. Each of us are unique in terms of personality and abilities we are gifted in. We are equipped with gifts and talents  that help us fulfil  a God-given purpose . Yet, there is this temptation to compare yourself with people in completely different seasons of life. Does it make sense to compare  someone who is running a marathon to someone who is running a 100 metre sprint? Absolutely  not. There  are two completely  different races with two completely  different  abilities  and  requirements. Yet, sometimes  when you  fall into the temptation of looking at where you are vis -a – vis where othere are, you tend to feel down yet you ignore your accomplishments thus far or dismiss the improvement you have  made. In short, run your race. Get intentional on improving your abilities , what you are good  at. Focus on the things you want to do, in the career  you want and in the area of life you  are  interested  in . Focus on ensuring you have improved. If you are better than where you were before, then, that is progress and that is where the focus should be.

Be blessed.

Kiria .


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