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Is there such a thing as organized clutter? Or better yet an organized mess? Could there be some sort of organization in disorganization? Or could it be a fallacy or perhaps a state of denial and eventual adaptation to the current dysfunctional state? We all have clutter in our lives whether in physical or emotional states. The reality is that the clutter will not go away until one is INTENTIONAL in dealing with it. We make excuses in avoiding the reality by ignoring the real issues thereby accepting to coexist in the present state of dysfunction. This state becomes the norm thus making one lounge in complacency while living in a suboptimal state. Eventually, degeneration of potential occurs at an accelerated rate and starts spilling over to other aspects of life.

It takes much more energy to organize or reorganize than it is to scatter. The natural tendency is to scatter. Look around and see… How easy is it to break a glass compared to making one? How easy is it to break an egg as opposed to a chicken making an egg? How easy is it to get people to come for a gathering or function as opposed to each person doing their own thing? It takes effort and planning which can also be a source of gainful income too if the talent is utilized….

The only way to deal with clutter is to clean it up . Back to square one, is there such a thing as organized clutter?  Hey, you tell me…. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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